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Factory and showroom Karnak for furniture and furniture we are present in the world of furniture since 1967 we have more than 40 years experience in the field of furniture export our products to European countries and the Arab We also manufactures furniture for hotels and tourist villages inside and outside Egypt, dealing with architects decor in our business since the beginning of the establishment of the factory and are always looking all the best to offer you the products that we offer to be implemented in our factories, and before we begin to implement any room we are committed to several steps, and the first thing we do is design choice and Aldizeyn by Mkhtat and Albulan your designs are available nature of Turkish, German, French and Italian Classic and other designs are uniquely her so for the customer has the ability to better design his choice that suits his taste and available space to display and then
choose the best materials and fabrics and accessories also be the delivery of the products as soon as possible at high speed and quality of fully mastering all of our products from dried timber and interior door filler is wood Alfonteks German, and Rabul muffler and heat insulator and is in the factory manufacturing armored doors
We have the finest and the best door manufacturer of the best timber on the model and the European left
Inside doors Vonteks German filler, Rubber silencer for the door and the heat insulator
Karnak unique factory warmest and most stylish entrances finest types of dried timber
We have the finest Binding walls and ceilings on the European style and the finest types of dried timber

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